Wheelchair skis




Mobility and

fun on the snow 


Ski for wheelchairs, walkers and trollers.


wheelchair ski


Ski for wheelchair


The wheelblade-S mini-skis for wheelchairs are designed with an easy-to-adjust binding that allows you to attach this practical aid to the variest manual push wheelchair available on the market.

The Wheelblade mini-skis compress the snow preventing the small front wheels from sinking, thus allowing you to glide. Thanks to the patented quick release mechanism, it is possible to switch from wheels to skis in seconds.


The metal parts are made of stainless steel to ensure protection against corrosion in humid and salty conditions. The skids in glass fiber reinforced plastic guarantee resistance even at low temperatures.



ski for wheelchair


Accessible skiing


disabled skiing

skis for stroller


Skis for strollers


Baby trekking in the snow, excursions with the stroller

Are you thinking of going to the mountains? Do you have a stroller and you don't know how to do it? With the mini-skis, even the little ones can experience hiking in the snow with mum and dad.

Not bulky, adaptable to most models on the market.

They allow you to maintain comfort in use while on the move: you can carry everything you need without additional bags.


The front wheels do not sink and facilitate maneuvers in the snow.


baby trekking on the snow


skis for walkers


stroller accessories








Universal adjustment WHEELBLADE S
VERSION for WHEELCHAIR Wheel diameter 8-20 cm Wheel width 2.0-6.5 cm






Universal adjustment WHEELBLADE XL for strollers and walkers Wheel diameter 15 - 30 cm Wheel length 2.0 - 7.0 cm