Technical Services



The skills of the technical staff and the support of a constantly updated flexible structure, allow Multi Brand Service to offer a qualified technical service able to propose customized solutions to preserve over time the performance of the lifting devices inserted in the various productive contexts.


On-Site technical assistance, for the resolution of hydraulic or mechanical failures.

Our multilingual Customer Service is supported by a qualified technical team able to identify spare parts and types of intervention.

Updating of existing plants to new production or regulatory requirements


Maintenance and repairs of single or double-acting hydraulic cylinders applied to lifting tables, machineries and equipments with use in a wide range of sectors, from agriculture to food, from the industrial to the preparation of vehicles.

We provide detailed proposal to restore the functionality of the hydraulic cylinders while maintaining the original features: check and reconstruction of rods, bars and all the internal components, check and replacement of all types of gaskets.


We are specialized in:
◾Scissor lifting tables inserted in the assembly lines
◾Hydrulic lifting tables servicing laser cutting systems
◾Goods Lifts
◾Electromechanical lifting tables
◾Hydraulic tilters for handling coils
◾Elevator for spray booths