Skin wheelchair tires




Interchangeble tires


A versatile and space-saving way to change the trim of your wheelchair in fews seconds.

Interchangeable treads allow you to change tires according to ground conditions.

A "cover" that simply mounts over the tire of the wheel.


A trip out of town or a vacation must be a pleasant experience for everyone; for those in a wheelchair, luggage is often not limited to just clothing but also includes all those aids that are essential for living the stay without having to upset one's habits.

The advantage of removable tires is precisely given by the small size and the possibility of being able to apply them quickly to improve the trim of your wheelchair only when needed.



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- Better friction and grip on soft, wet or slippery surfaces. - Assembly / disassembly with velcro closure. - Practical bag supplied to store the skins when not in use. - In addition to better grip, puncture protection. - Currently available for 24" rear wheels

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