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Aidy shower seat


Aidy is a practical aid that allows people with reduced mobility to access the shower compartment in comfort and safety. Thanks to its small size, Aidy can also be installed in rooms with minimal dimensions.

The transfer movements with rotation, adjustable elevation and standing, are activated by the convenient wired push-button panel.


The rotation of the Aidy seat, towards the opening of the shower box, is very practical for the convenience of being able to sit outside the shower box and not inside it; as well as in the presence of limited spaces, to easily manage the transfer inside the shower.

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The elevation function up to 25 cm in the standard equipment, allows you to overcome any obstacles at the entrance to the shower, such as raised shower trays, and facilitates the Caregiver in daily hygiene operations. The elevation function combined with the tilt function facilitates the transition from sitting to standing.