Platform Lift for Stair


Go over few steps without

encumbrance after use


Even in front of a few steps, the accessibility and availability of space in one's home, in a public place or in a commercial activity, can be severely limited.

A simple and safe system to overcome a few steps without creating a hindrance after use, the platform with movable top fits into environments with the least aesthetic impact, disappearing into the landing at the base of the staircase.

The table lifts and moves horizontally, approaching the level of the upper floor its allows you to carry out boarding and disembarking from the platform in complete safety.

The mobile edge with a containment band function is activated during the movements of the platform, only after using the platform does it align with the floor inside the housing pit, always leaving the passage free.


Technical data

Rated Load
      300 kg
Lifting speed
      1,5 m/min
Platform dimensions
      1500x1000 mm                     
Max vertical travel
      500 mm
Max horizontal travel


When the installation of a stairlift or an inclined ramp, from a practical and aesthetic point of view, is not very appropriate and bound to the architectural context of the project, the retractable platform is the right answer to the needs of accessibility and coherence with the style of the building.