Goods Lifts

The manual handling of a load can be a risk in case of too heavy or cumbersome loads, difficult to grasp it or placed in unstable equilibrium, placed in a position that requires excessive body torsion to take it manually.

In the assembly and production lines, the hydraulic lifting tables find application as a leveling work surface, allowing the optimization of the loading and picking operations of the material.

To lift and pick up pallets, the lifting tables, inserted in a pit or with U-shaped platform, facilitate loading / unloading operations.


And for the connection of floors, mezzanines or raised warehouses: pantograph elevators and goods lifts, designed and customized to the needs of each customer.





The assistance is ensured by specialized technians, who carry out first and second level services.

The professionalism and competence of Multi Brand Service staff will support you in keeping your device always in optimal conditions.

Goods Lift in enclosed metal shaft - Lower Floor

Goods Lift in enclosed metal shaft - Top Floor

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