We really

lift everything




Faced with the needs of handling, lifting and logistics within industrial realities, Multi Brand Service offers quality solutions that guarantee the maximum design and operational suitability of each plant.

A freight elevator or lifting platform, in any context, allows you to reduce processing times and optimize productivity.

Starting from a project for a new line or from updating an existing one, it is essential to choose the quality of the product by relying on partners with long experience.



Goods Elevator



The lifting platform represents the ideal solution, where the need to move large loads between multiple levels and space optimization is a fundamental requirement.

Available for installation in a masonry compartment or supplied with its own compartment with a metal structure.


Hydraulic lifting system with pantograph or with lateral cylinder.

Capacities and dimensions on request.



Scissor lifting table



A wide range of models characterized by construction features of the highest quality that ensure robustness, high safety coefficient and possibility of use in the conditions more burdensome.

Lifting platforms with single or multiple pantographs, superimposed or aligned, with smooth or shaped platform.


The hydraulic technique is

the right solution for loads handling



Wherever there is the need to move something, the lifting platforms and hydraulic tilters fit perfectly into the lay-out of the production lines and find application in any logistic production sector.