Autonomy in

your lifestyle




A selection of unique products that lighten the life of a mother with a stroller, to those who, due to motor difficulties of a temporary or permanent nature or simply generated by the passage of time, need help.

Without age limits, we allow everyone to face everyday life more independently, to live new experiences with simple gestures and with reduced dimensions.

Traveling in a wheelchair


Perfect for traveling, the Phoenix Travel Bag follows the wheelchair in all directions, including up and down curbs.

Available in the Compact version for shorter trips and in the Twinset version, a large hold bag complete with a removable backpack that can be used as hand luggage.

On the snow in a wheelchair


Safety and mobility even in winter in the snow.

Specially made with a large surface area, the mini wheelchair skis distribute the weight optimally, preventing the front wheels from sinking into the snow.

Also available in the XL version for strollers.

Everyone in the water


For independent access to the pools, for swimmers who reach the poolside in a wheelchair and for those who find it difficult to use the ladders.

Compatible with most existing pools.

For any surface


Quick and easy insert to mount on any demabulation aid

Thanks to the innovative geometry and the careful choice of materials, it is ideal for any surface and in any weather condition.