Access Ramps



Fixed or mobile

solutions for every need


The access ramps are made with a modular structure that allows them to be adapted to any situation in the best possible way.

Even when faced with several steps, this practical and intuitive solution allows anyone to independently and autonomously access any space, domestic or public.

Simple to install, they generally do not require masonry work.




Access ramps

for one step


Accessibility and mobility in a private home, in front of the entrance to a shop, a church or a public office can be strongly conditioned even in the presence of only one step. The ramp for one step allows you to overcome even small differences in height with extreme ease.                   


Fixed access ramps


The fixed access ramps are set up with handrails on both sides and a walking surface with non-slip finish.

The length of the ramp can be configured according to the difference in height to be overcome in compliance with the maximum allowed slope.



Also available in the removable version, ideal for temporary needs where the difference in height to overcome is represented by a few steps.

The mobile access ramps are ready to use and do not require permanent fixing.